A beginning – Why be IB educated?

Welcome.  This blog has been created for a graduate class in social and digital media.  Over the course of the next few months, entries posted on this blog will relate to the use of social media  as a tool to promote an organization, as well as how an organization can best use social media to gain a larger audience through public engagement.  The organization that I am using to build my case study and this blogging assignment, is the International Baccalaureate Organization.  You can learn more about the IB and their programmes at their website: IBO.org.

All entries on this blog are used for educational purposes, and any opinions regarding the International Baccalaureate Organization and its educational programmes those of the blog writer exclusively.  However, I will point out that I am a staunch advocate of the IB and an IB educator for over a decade.  While I am not a public relations expert or communication plan expert, it will be beneficial for me to evaluate and study what this organization does in this realm of its business.  My critical evaluation will helps me understand the goals of a social media plan, no matter the organization.


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