Prezi is as Prezi does.

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Prezi Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I know I have seen Prezi presentations before, but I have never created one, nor did I realize there was more to presentation tools vs. the pervasive Powerpoint!  So it was quite fun to learn a new tool, learn to use a tool as a student of social media and of course practice using a tool which I know will be valuable and applicable in the future.  Death by PowerPoint happens far too often in my profession. It truly is painful to watch someone READ what I can read.  And it is challenging to create slides which you can extend and speak from, vs. fill with too much information.

Now, on an ironic note, I find the timing of this week’s lesson and lecture  about Prezi and presentation skill and use in general, to be priceless.  Impeccable.  As a personal aside,  I just interviewed for a position which I am very excited about, and for which I was asked to prepare a presentation.  While I am familiar with the pitfalls of working from slides in Power Point, I would have liked to try Prezi in this case.  It is probably best that I stuck to the medium I am most familiar with, but I couldn’t help but think, “wow, I wonder what they would have said if I came in using this!”

At any rate, since the assignment for Professor Lutz asked us to take inspiration from another Prezi, I did a search in slide share, and was able to find several examples about the IB specifically, all archived on the Prezi site.  Here is one I used for inspiration.  I like the YouTube video that this model has embedded; it happens to be an official IB communication video.  The IB has several videos on its website, and if I were going to use my class assignment formally,  I would probably include another one of these videos (one more directly tied to university recognition).  Since my Prezi is a spin-off of the original I found, I kept it simple.

For this assignment, I moved the theme and purpose of the original presentation into a tighter focus; I wanted to motivate universities to recognize and recruit IB Diploma graduates.   In creating my Prezi, I opted to take my original Power Point, which did include some animation and visuals, and convert it into a reduced “prezitation”.

While I am happy with the outcome, and generally like the tool,  I do agree with the opinon that some of my classmates had about it.   Specifically those who discussed the pros and cons of the zoom features.  The comments were that Prezi can tend to get repetitive, almost too gimicky…  needless to say this presentation tool needs to be used carefully and effectively to create the greatest impact.

Please take a look and let me know what you think!

College Recognition for the IB Diploma.


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