Welcome.  My name is Jennifer, a high school administrator by day, and by virtual day or night a graduate student in the Communication program at Johns Hopkins University.  This blog is an assignment for my class in Social and Digital Media.  Most blog entries will be related to the readings we are completing for the course.  These readings also include assignments and projects which require a ‘test case’ or ‘test client’.  As a result,  I will also include examples of how my selected organization presently uses social media platforms.  In case you missed it from my first post on this blog, my selected client is the International Baccalaureate Organization.  Be sure to read my introduction to the blog, as I give a little more context for the organization and social media use.

As an IB educator for over a decade, I have a great appreciation for their academic programmes.  The organization as a whole has evolved tremendously in a relatively short time, and the growth of IB — specifically in the Americas — has been impressive.  I chose to evaluate the effectiveness of the IB’s current social media use because, I think there are great opportunities for this organization in the social media world.  But as we have learned, a social media campaign is more than a blog and a Facebook page.  I hope to apply what I am learning by reflecting on the capacity and value of social media as a whole, and then ultimately to propose improved use of new and familiar platforms for the International Baccalaureate.


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