How do YOU do Creativity, Action, and Service?

The IB Diploma Hexagon

Making CAS an experience, rather than one more IB Diploma Program requirement takes the effort of a whole-school or program, and the right philosophy.  Creativity, Action, and Service, or CAS as it is called, is considered by the IB to be one of the most important components of the program;  one which helps students see themselves as learners of the world, just not as academics.  Cultivating well-rounded young adults, who can pursue their interests as well as their studies is partly the mission for the IB.  For when students can participate in activities which grown the individual, students undoubtedly grow their outlook and attitude regarding creative thinking, emotional and physical well-being, and most importantly compassion and understanding for others.  CAS keeps students active in society, whether that be local or global, curious about the world around them, and invested in their part and place in it.  Even with this philosophy schools struggle to engage or motivate students to see CAS as the enrichment it is designed to be.

As part of our lesson this week, I was introduced to a new slideshow/presentation tool: Animoto.  The following video has been created to encourage student engagement and investment in CAS.

Rethink CAS!